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CCI SurveyPrep Autoresponder Course - Pass your next nursing home certification survey!


Continuing Care InSite: SurveyPrep Autoresponder Course

SurveyPrep™Autoresponder Course - only $29.99

Get prepared for your next survey!

The SurveyPrep™Autoresponder Course will help your organization to pass the next certification survey!

There is probably no other event in the year that generates more anxiety than the annual certification survey. Regardless of how well your staff cares for your patients and residents, if the survey team finds a significant problem, it can result in serious deficiencies. These deficiencies can result in sanctions and also can diminish the reputation of the organization. Each week for an entire year, an information module will be emailed to you with critical information to help you lead your organization in a successful survey. Since it is delivered by email, you can forward it to your staff so they will have access to the same important information that you have.

The SurveyPrep™Autoresponder Course covers topics including, but not limited to:

Investigation of accidents and incidents
Prevention of sentinel events, such as avoidable pressure ulcers, dehydration, and fecal impaction
Understanding the abuse protocol
Managing the survey process
Taking the worry out of preparing the resident roster form
Strategies to prevent medication error citations
Making sure meal observations go right
Preparing for the new interpretive guidelines for activities and behavior
Maintaining drug regimen reviews
Ensuring proper use of assistive devices
Care planning for survey success
...and many others!!!

Each subscription to the SurveyPrep™Autoresponder Course comes with a FREE download of the State Operating Manual. This manual, in PDF format (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader software) is the CMS document that outlines the entire survey process in over 100 pages!!!

FREE Bulletins also included!!! Throughout the year, different information becomes available about the survey process. Sometimes there are changes in standards, interpretive guidelines, or survey priorities. These bulletins are sent to all subscribers as information becomes available throughout the year.

To register for the SurveyPrep™Autoresponder Course for less than $30 (Including the FREE download of the CMS State Operating Manual, FREE periodic bulletins, and FREE question answering, just CLICK HERE .


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